Do you know how much it pains while tattooing

tattoo pain

Tattoo!!… is it painful?
It’s true that everyone has a different threshold of pain. What one person considers not painful at all could be devastating to another. Some people describe the feeling as a “hot scratch”. Some have said it was “annoying”. Most say it was not nearly as bad as they feared. But there is a little more than pain alone to consider when getting a tattoo.

We say tattoo pain is bearable, it is a easy pain which anybody can take. For some people it is just painless.You may have heard horror stories about people passing out or crying from the intense pain. First of all, people pass out because their blood sugar drops from not eating or they just allow themselves to get too worked up and their own fear knocks them out. Pain is usually not the culprit when someone faints during a tattoo. As far as crying goes, there are some that find the pain too much to bear. These people are few and far between – don’t assume you’re going to be one of them. As per our understanding, tattoo pain is bearable subject to qualified tattoo artist. It is more of fear than pain. All the horror stories you have heard about tattoo pain are mostly result of unethical work done by unqualified tattoo artists.

Trypanophobia !!!… Fear of Needles or Blood
If you have a fear of needles or blood, getting a tattoo is the right choice to tackle the phobia. Tattoo needles do not enter the skin very far as many fear – actually, it only goes in about 1/16 of an inch. Take a look at a ruler and you’ll see just how insignificant that is. The needles move in an up-and-down motion, carefully pushing the ink just below the surface of the skin. The damage to your skin is so minimal that there is no bleeding, The fluid that is discharged is just the plasmic discharge and not actual blood. The tattoo artist will also be constantly wiping up your skin to clean off any traces of plasmic discharge, so it’s done in a very clean and professional manner. Excessive bleeding usually only results when you get a tattoo from untrained/unqualified tattoo artist or patron has been drinking alcohol or taking some kind of blood thinner (like aspirin), etc.


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