Why people are not sure about their tattoo designs!!!


Why people are not sure about their tattoo designs, specially people who get tattoos of names of their partner, girlfriend, friend etc. We have been hiding name tattoo every alternate day with some new tattoo design. You have to think about lot of factors before getting any tattoo. Some people turn up to the studio saying that they want to remove a tattoo as they wanna join navy or air force or travel to some pilgrimage etc. so WHY at the first place you got one. Tattoo is not a joke or fun or entertainment. Tattoo is permanent, so please take it seriously. Think of a tattoo design which you will love all your life, which make some sense to you or at least you connect to the idea behind it and will not regret in future.

Today is not the end of this world, think twice before getting inked. You have to dedicate some time to decide on what exactly you want as your tattoo. We recommend you to do some research on your tattoo design idea before going to any studio. We recommend to avoid names and scripts as the are good and make some sense for your current situation but may be you will not like it in future. An 18year old kid getting a tattoo on neck as LIFE iS DIFFICULT,  most probably he will regret about his tattoo after couple of years. A tattoo on neck may cause some problems for his professional career as still tattoos are not accepted easily in corporate industry. So think twice before you get a tattoo.

We believe tattoos are more about yourself, expressing yourself. Some tattoos are for remembrance like a portrait of your mother or her name. Tattoos can be conceptual if you have artistic thoughts about expressing yourself. Tattoos can be dedicated to religion, your beliefs, your passion etc. Visiting a studio with no idea about your tattoo requirement and later selecting some random design from the tattoo catalogue or portfolio is not a good idea. Before you visit any studio, please DO SOME RESEARCH ABOUT YOUR TATTOO


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