Lord Shiva in Tibetan OM Tattoo


Do you know how many tattoos we have made out of this tattoo design, well before we talk further let me inform you that this is owned and copyrighted by Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. We made more than 15 of this one in just six months. However we have seen that lot of “so called artists” using our design and trying to recreate it. We have counted atleast 80-90 tattoos of this tattoo design over the internet and most of them were not up to the mark, some were pathetic, few did justice to the artwork. Before you get inked please try to search for the original artist of the artwork you choose to go for and try to compare the work with your current artist’s work. You deserve the authentic tattoo work for all the pain, time and money you spend.

Lord Shiva in Tibetan Om, Designed and Inked by Sunny at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. Client got Andy Shou’s(Tattoo Artist) famous Buddha’s tattoo artwork from Google search and just wanted to replace God Buddha with Lord Shiva in it. Had to recreate the artwork as per client’s design brief and here is the output. Hope you all liked it.

Check out original work at  http://alienstattoos.com/index.php/portfolio/lord-shiva-in-tibetan-om/


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