Story behind the Abstract Fighter Plane Tattoo


This is the best extension/cover-up tattoo I ever did. Client is a pilot and so he was always keen on getting a fighter plane tattoo on his arm. As you know, how much a pilot earns, so, as expected, he went to the most expensive tattoo studio in Mumbai thinking that expensive means best; as we all think, its a human nature. He got a tattoo from a very well known tattoo studio in Mumbai which was unbelievably horrifying nightmare. He asked for a fighter plane and he got a “weird cartoonish aeroplane on his arm” with unacceptable quality of tattoo art.

Days passed and he was upset and unhappy with what he got. He started hiding the tattoo with sleeves shirts and long sleeves T-Shirts. After almost an year he started looking for tattoo artist who can do some miracle and repair his tattoo; Fortunately he came across our website and saw our work. He thought that we can do his job and so he approached us. He came to meet me(Sunny). First thing he did is showed his tattoo and asked me to repair it at any cost. I examined the tattoo, and also I took the original design brief for the same tattoo. He wanted more of war-fare fighter plane theme which is more of fantasy themed and abstract.

I took the job and I worked with couple of optional themes on it for almost a week. I finalised on the concept without his permission and just requested him for couple of scripts to add in the tattoo which will go with war-fare theme. He had no idea what I was working on and why am I taking so much time. After week and half I asked him to come down to see the design. He saw it and he was ready to go. He loved the design and the overall change to the original tattoo. I work for 8 hours to finish this tattoo. And finally he saw it in the mirror and he was blown-out with the output. He was so happy and satisfied that we felt it, he thanked me for the tattoo. This was the most challenging job I have worked on in my life. It was truly a magnificent experience.

Original link : Abstract Fighter Plane Tattoo, Inked by Sunny at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai.


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