Story behind the Leopard Tattoo


I feel, this tattoo is one of the best photo-realistic tattoos I did. This tattoo is very special for me as it is done on one of my closest friend of all time. I remember those days when I started tattooing and he was there to support me. I remember the day when he sat like a rock for 12 hours at a stretch to let me complete my first Bio-Mechanical Tattoo, he paid for that one though and I had to take it as I was helpless financially, but I never wanted to charge him for that one. So I always wanted to gift him with what I have the most; art-skills. After couple of years I got a chance again, I was tired with all day activities but I still  had it, I was ready to sit again for couple of hours for my dear friend to complete his next request. We sat again, this time we shot it. After I finished the piece he saw it in the mirror and said that this one is marvellous, priceless; He said that “we use to see international artist’s work online, in TV shows, now I have a piece on my body like them”, He asked me how much is the cost, I said it is a gift from me to you, that is the best of me. He smiled and hugged me and said thank you for this wonderful art piece. I was filled with joy and happiness.

Original link : Leopard Portrait Tattoo, Inked by Sunny at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai.


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